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A poorly constructed, ventilated or maintained building will usually make you sick. The issue of Air Quality in the home all comes down to volatile organic compounds-toxic chemical gases that invade indoor air and can cause serious health issues. These volatile organic compounds either enter the home through seemingly harmless materials and products and build up over time. There are ways to protect your family. Having proper indoor air quality products throughout the home can increase the quality of air that your family breathes.

We offer a variety of different IAQ products that will fit your family`s lifestyle. It could be as simple as having a high quality pleated filter or a Hepa filtration system or one of the other many available products from our line of products.

Studies have shown that the air in our home or offices can be more polluted than the air outside. Since most people spend about 90% of their time indoors that means your home environment could be full of potential risks. Air cleaners and air purifiers are designed to treat indoor air that has become polluted by particulates or gases. Particulates can be liquid or solid materials that are small enough materials that are small enough to suspend in the air can be composed of inorganic or organic compounds, bacteria or viruses. Common indoor particulates include pet dander, dust mites, fungal spores, molds and pollen.

Gaseous pollutants include carbon monoxide nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide or the organic chemicals released from gas appliances, cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust.

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